Community Impact


Summer 2013 marked the first season where Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles and Levitt Pavilion Pasadena joined forces to bring you Levitt Pavilion Greater Los Angeles & Pasadena. Through our combined efforts and your support we successfully hosted 100 FREE concerts for Los Angeles, Pasadena and the surrounding communities.

Support from community members like you made it possible for us to fulfill our mission of building community through music. Through successful programming we were able to:

  • Spark the ambition of over 50 interns and volunteers
  • Connect over 25 community partners with audience members and,
  • Bring Joy to over 110,000 individuals


SPARK. Levitt Pavilion Pasadena intern, Robert De Leon, was a recent high school graduate when he began his internship this past summer. Robert knew he had an interest in pursuing a career in music but really didn’t know how to put that interest into action. Throughout the summer he learned many skills that could be used in the music industry from marketing, to event production, to audio gear maintenance. The knowledge he acquired pushed him to begin a start-up event production company with some friends; he was finally motivated to pursue a career in live music production. Recently, Robert has taken on the responsibility of marketing and street team management for a local band. He credits his time at the Levitt Pavilion Pasadena for helping him identify his goals and giving him the motivation to work towards fulfilling his dreams.

CONNECT. When Sandi “Mama” Romero opened Mama’s Hot Tamales Café in 2002, her goal was to help redevelop the community of MacArthur Park. Through her sidewalk-vending program she helped local food vendors establish their start up businesses and aided in revitalizing the community. When the Levitt Pavilion came to MacArthur Park in 2007 she saw her dream of a renovated band shell be brought to life and foresaw the positive impact it would have on the community. Mama worked closely with the Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles to establish a food court program in 2009 and since then many of the vendors, which you see at the park today such as Mama’s International Tamales and Jamaican Temptations, are a product of Mama’s hard work and Levitt community collaboration.

JOY. Arthur lives in an apartment near MacArthur Park with his wife and two young daughters. He likes to bring his daughters to the park because they can run and play around, all of which they can’t do in their apartment.  Arthur makes an effort to bring them to the children’s shows at the Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles every Sunday because it’s great for them to get outside and enjoy such high quality concerts for free. You’ll always see Arthur with his table, blankets and hammock at the park; he has his spot, his home at the Levitt.